A new CD, the Queen of Sheba and a Bach feast this week

It is the ninth week of the International Organ Summer 2016 and ahead are exciting events: A new CD will be published, we are expecting a […]

Finlandia, the Suite Gothique and the National anthem this week at the Organ summer

The festive and beautiful national anthem of Iceland was for a long time considered too difficult for the ordinary person to sing and surrounded with a […]

An oboe, a cockcrow and a famous American organist

As usual, we have a most lively week ahead at the International organ summer, with an oboe, a surprise cockcrow and a world known organist from […]

Organ sun, a flock of angels, choir and coffee this week at the Organ Summer

The International Organ Summer in Hallgrímskirkja is looking ahead to a week full of angels, hymns, sunshine and coffee! Chamber choir Schola Cantorum’s weekly Wednesday (July […]