Hallgrímur Pétursson 400th anniversary

Festival in Hallgrimskirkja october 24 – 31 2014 Concerts, art exhibition, lectures, panel discussions, festive services, new poetry to celebrate the memory of the renowned poet […]

360 days in gethsemane – Hallgrímur Pétursson for four centuries

In the past few months Hallgrímur Pétursson has been remembered in various ways. A lot of images have been drawn up of the poet. You could […]

Enchanting choral music with Schola cantorum on All Saints Day Nov 2nd at 5 pm

All Saints‘ day, is celebrated on the first Sunday of November. It is a day of remembrance for the faithful – to reflect on and express […]

Hallgrímskirkja christmas music festival

“IN DULCE JUBILO” Christmas Concert with The Hallgrimskirkja Motet Choir 6. desember, laugardagur kl. 17 / Saturday Dec 6 at 5 pm Sunday Dec 7 at […]