The 72 stop Klaisorgan

The concert organ in Hallgrímskirkja, built in Johannes’ Klais world-renowned Orgelbau in Bonn in Germany, is the largest musical instrument in Iceland. It was inaugurated on December 13th 1992 and celebrated its twentieth anniversary 2012. Its size, elegant design and sound coupled with the acoustics and splendid interior at Hallgrímskirkja have made this grand organ a much sought after instrument all over the world.

The Hallgrímskirkja Friends of the Arts Society has from the organs inauguration organized an ever increasing number of organ concerts, especially during the summer when thousands of tourists attend the International Organ Summer, an annual festival from June until August.

Each year, around 40 organ concerts are given in Hallgrímskirkja and advanced students at the Music Academy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland frequently receive lessons at this excellent instrument. Hardly a day goes by without Hallgrímskirkja’s Klais-organ being played.

At the beginning of 2013 representatives from the Klais Orgelbau in Bonn arrived in Iceland to clean the organ and renew various pieces of hardware, worn due to much strain. During this process all 5.273 organ pipes had to be removed. This presented an excellent opportunity for modifications on the organ’s computer equipment, called for by new technology and increased demands. At the completion of this extensive project it can be said that the Klaisorgan in Hallgrímskirkja is as new, every pipe has been polished and retuned and the organs electronic operating system has been updated, with many fascinating new possibilities.

Information and a collection-pipe may be found at the church entrance, where friends of the organ and its music can support us in this expensive project.
The Hallgrímskirkja Friends of the Arts Society expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all supporters.

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