Hallgrimskirkja International Organ Summer June 21- August 20 2017

The international organ summer in Hallgrímskirkja 2017
The international organ summer in Hallgrímskirkja 2017
Dina Ikhina og Denis Makhankov
Russian organ duo July 15th and 16th

Hallgrimskirkja International Organ Summer June 21- August 20 2017

Alþjóðlegt orgelsumar 2017

Welcome to the International Organ Summer concerts 2017!

The Klais-organ of Hallgrímskirkja is the largest instrument in Iceland. With its consecration in 1992, ideal conditions to pursue and enjoy organ music in Iceland arose: A complete concert organ in a building with perfect acoustics for one.

Today, this organ is the centre of Icelandic organ culture, an international platform for concert organists and a great magnet for organ students. The organ’s brand new computer technology, installed during renovations in 2012, has further enlarged the group of admirers. Numerous electronic composers have written and performed striking organ pieces with the aid of their computers and attracted new audience. With the International Organ Summer concert series and the biannual Festival of Sacred Arts at Hallgrímskirkja, where many of the world’s best organists have performed, both the church and organ are firmly on the map in the organ world.

It is a great joy to launch yet another splendid International Organ Summer programme in Hallgrímskirkja. For the 25th time the summer in the church will be filled with beautiful organ sounds.
Every week there are three organ concerts and one choral concert. Between concerts organists are almost constantly practising on the huge Klais-organ, enthralling the tourists daily flocking to the church. Many a traveller takes his time watching the organists prepare for concert. In Hallgrímskirkja the chance to experience the organist up close is unique, in most churches the organist is hidden up on the organ loft behind bannisters or rows of pipes.

This summer our guest organists are from far and wide, from France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark, USA and Iceland. All are granted the freedom to choose their own programme so what they offer is specifically chosen for the Klais-organ and the audience of Hallgrímskirkja. I am most certain they will charm concertgoers this summer just as they have the summers before. May you enjoy what they have to offer.

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Happy Organ Summer!
Hörður Áskelsson
Artistic director