Artist Erla Thorarinsdottir leads guests around her exhibition on Sunday

Next Sunday, December 13th at 12.30 pm, artist Erla Thorarinsdottir will lead guests around her exhibition in the Hallgrimskirkja narthex. Her exhibition is called Kvenleikar/Genetrix and […]

Trumpets and tears of joy – The second weekend of the Christmas Music Festival is ahead

The Hallgrimskirkja Motet Choir has for over 30 years brought joy to Icelanders with it’s heart-rendering Christmas concerts, an important part of the lavish festivities in […]

The Christmas Music Festival starts this weekend

The lavish Hallgrimskirkja Christmas Music Festival opens this weekend with a magnificent organ concert, a festive mass on the first Sunday of Advent and the opening […]

Brass and beautiful singing at the Hallgrimskirkja Christmas Concerts

The Advent is nearing and so is the Christmas Concerts Festival in Hallgrimskirkja, consisting this year of nine captivating musical events. A most festive organ concert […]