Four nominations for the Icelandic Music Awards

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Four nominations for the Icelandic Music Awards

It is with great joy that the Hallgrimskirkja Friends of the Arts Society announces that last summer’s performance of the oratorio Solomon at the Festival of Sacred Arts has received four nominations for the Icelandic Music Awards 2015.

9048Firstly, this premiere of Solomon in Iceland has been nominated as Performance of the Year in the Classical and Contemporary Music category. Secondly, The Hallgrimskirkja Motet choir and conductor Hordur Askelsson have been nominated as Performers of the Year. Among comments from the jury are:

The performance of the oratorio Solomon must be considered a great event on the Icelandic music scene. It took place in Hallgrimskirkja and the performers were The Den Haag International Baroque Orchestra, The Hallgrimskirkja Motet Choir and a group of excellent solo singers. Conductor Hordur Askelsson led the performance with assurance and with a great insight and artistic ability. It is the first time Handel’s oratorio is performed in Iceland and it was most certainly an event to remember.8953

 The performance of The Hallgrimskirkja Motet Choir under the conduction of Hordur Askelsson of Handel’s magnificent oratorio was both splendid and full of nuances. The choir was in top shape, sounding superbly even and elegant, offering the audience an impressive artistic rendering. Long will it be remembered.

 Also, all the wonderful solo singers, Thora Einarsdottir, Sigridur Osk Kristjansdottir, Benedikt Kristjansson and Oddur Arnthor Jonsson, have been nominated as Singer of the Year, Oddur and Sigridur specifically for their parts in Solomon. According to the jury, every single one of them has had an outstanding artistic year.

9020Furthermore, the talented chamber group Nordic Affect has received a nomination for their outstanding work last year. Nordic Affect gave an excellent concert at the Festival of Sacred Arts 2015.

The Icelandic Music Awards will be granted on March 4th. The Friends of the Arts Society is truly proud of the blooming music life in Hallgrimskirkja.