Enchanting choral music with Schola cantorum on All Saints Day Nov 2nd at 5 pm

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Enchanting choral music with Schola cantorum on All Saints Day Nov 2nd at 5 pm

All Saints‘ day, is celebrated on the first Sunday of November. It is a day of remembrance for the faithful – to reflect on and express gratitude for their loved ones who have died. Many beautiful sacred compositions – requiems, motets and hymns – are connected to this day. It has been a tradition for many years at Hallgrímskirkja to celebrate All Saints‘ day with a concert.

In this year’s concert, Schola Cantorum, The Chamber Choir of Hallgrímskirkja, presents sacred compositions by contemporary composers known for their beautiful musical language, that connects the past and the present.
The concert‘s leitmotif is Nunc dimittis (Song of Simeon) which will be performed in three different compositions by Arvo Pärt, Pawel Lukaszewski and Hreiðar Ingi Þorsteinsson. Other works performed are Salve Regina for choir and organ by Arvo Pärt, Kyrie and Christus Vincit by James MacMillan and Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre, as well as a première of O Crux, by Sigurður Sævarsson which was a birthday present from the composer to the choir‘s conductor. Furthermore, works by Icelandic composers Anna Þorvaldsdóttir and Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson will be performed.

All these compositions fit particularly well to the magnificent sound space of Hallgrímskirkja. Björn Steinar Sólbergsson will play the Klais-organ in two of the pieces and the solos will be sung by individual choir members. Conductor is Hörður Áskelsson.

The following week Schola Cantorum will travel to Stockholm and repeat the performance on Sunday, November 9th in Stockholms Cathedral, Storkyrkan. Schola Cantorum will also perform Icelandic songs from their album Foldarskart (Earth’s Bright Gems) on Friday, November the7th at an introduction concert of Iceland´s most beloved songs to be held at the Royal Conservatory in Stockholm.